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Emergent and Non-Emergent Transport

Whether transporting to a higher level of care or returning you or your loved one home, you can depend on Family Medical Transport to make your transport as smooth and as safe as possible.

Hurricane and Disaster Evacuation

The Charleston area is no stranger to Hurricanes and other natural disasters. Transporting your loved ones to safety is a difficult task, especially if they are reliant on life saving devices or medications. Family Medical Transport can help you get your family members to safety in the event a disaster is eminent.

Long Distance Transport

There are times that you or your loved ones treatment needs to be conducted outside of the Charleston area due to a specialty that is not offered here. Family Medical Transport has the resources to transport you or your loved one to such places to get the treatment that you need.

ALS and BLS transport

Basic Life Support (BLS) is prehospital care that consists of non-invasive treatment to the patient. This includes things like splinting, bleeding control, CPR, etc.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) is prehospital care that consists of more invasive treatments such as medication administration, cardiac monitoring and interpretation, advanced airway management, etc.

Family Medical Transport has the resources available to cover any type of transport need whether ALS or BLS.

Wheelchair Transports

Sometimes patients don't need an ambulance. Family Medical Transport has that covered. We offer wheelchair services for patients that need transportation to necessary medical appointments or routing treatments. Our courteous staff will safely transport you for your appointment on time and with the professionalism you have come to expect from FMT.


  • Compliance Consulting

  • Medical Billing Consulting

  • Cost Reduction Consulting

  • Utilization Review

  • Disaster Evacuation Planning

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